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Abrams Justice Trial Attorneys

Ivan and Isabel Abrams

Abrams Justice Trial Attorneys is a Miami, Florida based law firm that specializes in personal injury, contract, and property loss cases. Unlike most law firms, the attorneys at Abrams Justice will work around your schedule and come to you for client meetings. Abrams Justice is a close-knit family law firm where clients are treated like family. As former prosecutors, the attorneys at Abrams Justice have extensive jury trial experience, and a relentless desire for the pursuit of justice.

The trial attorneys at Abrams Justice pride themselves on constant communication with their clients. Gone are the days of not being able to get in touch with your lawyer.  Abrams Justice is not a personal injury “mill” with thousands of cases, rather the firm is a small boutique litigation firm where the attorneys get to know each of their clients on a first name basis. Your case will not be delegated to a paralegal or a junior associate with no trial experience. At Abrams Justice from day one, a seasoned litigator will handle your case.

There are few relationships as sacrosanct as an attorney-client relationship.  Your lawyer is your voice in court. You need a team of attorneys that you can trust and communicate with – without hesitation or delay. The lawyers at Abrams Justice provide just that. The attorneys at Abrams Justice are down to earth people that are easy to talk too. Without passing judgment, they listen and focus on problem solving solutions. Every problem presents an opportunity, and with the Abrams Justice team by your side, clients can sleep at night with the peace of mind of knowing that their lawyers really care and are aggressively fighting on their behalf.