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Ivan Abrams

Ivan AbramsIvan Abrams is the founding partner of Abrams Justice.

Ivan is a natural storyteller, problem solver, and—most importantly—a lion in the courtroom. Ivan has extensive litigation experience, having served as lead counsel in more than 40 jury trials and hundreds of evidentiary motions.

Ivan loves nothing more than standing up to large insurance companies that seek to bully his clients who have been seriously injured after traumatic accidents. Ivan takes the time to get to know each client personally, as well as their families, so that he can fully understand the impact an accident has had on their lives. Only then can Ivan effectively communicate each client’s unique story to a jury.

To Ivan, every case is personal, every case is unique, and every case has a clue waiting to be found. With a personal touch, Ivan runs his own investigations with an army of investigators, and piece-by-piece puts together the pieces of the puzzle for each case. With a proven formula for success, Ivan has negotiated several multi-million-dollar mass tort settlements for his clients and the National Trial Lawyers Association named him a top 40 under 40 civil litigator throughout the entire United States in 2018.

From murder trials to multi-million dollar complex business disputes to catastrophic personal injury cases, Ivan has handled it all with great success.