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Uber Rideshare Accidents

The name Uber has become synonymous with the rideshare industry. In fact, Uber has become a generic descriptor that has come to mean to hail a rideshare driver.

The company has also grown tremendously since its founding in 2009 but that growth has not come without controversy. Quite the opposite, Uber has become one of the most controversial tech companies in America. Using the service, while convenient, certainly comes with risks.

Lawyer for Uber Accidents in Miami-Dade, FL

When you step into a stranger’s car, you are putting yourself at risk. What is troubling, is that in the case of a rideshare driver, if something were to happen you may have difficulty getting compensation for your injuries depending on the circumstances. Shortly after an Uber accident, you will be contacted by Uber’s insurance agent. Don’t be fooled, they do not work for you! You should never speak to an insurance agent for another party without a lawyer present on your behalf. Every communication and correspondence will become important and relevant in your case. Let Abrams Justice handle the legal aspects of your case, while you focus on treatment and recovery.

Our attorneys at Abrams Justice Trial Attorneys have seen just about everything and are prepared to go as far as it takes to try to get you compensated for your injuries. We proudly serve clients in the greater Miami-Dade area including Miami, Homestead, Hialeah, Pinecrest, Miami Gardens, Miami Beach, North Miami, Doral, Coral Gables and Cutler Bay.  Call us at (305) 709-0880 and schedule a consultation with one of our expert attorneys.

Miami-Dade Florida Uber Information Center

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Uber Data

Uber is easily the biggest rideshare company in the United States. It accounts for 77 percent of the entire market. Below is a collection of data regarding the company:

  • Uber is available in 674 cities around the world
  • The company services 40 million customers a month.
  • The company is currently valued at $69 billion.
  • There are 750,000 Uber drivers in the US and they make about $364 a month on average.
  • It generated net revenue of $6.5 billion in 2016.
  • Uber drivers earn an average of $14.38 per ride in Miami. This is the fourth highest rate in the country.

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Uber Incidences

Unsurprisingly, it is rather difficult to find statistics on the frequency of Uber accidents as the company refuses to share that information. One of the only sets of compiled statistics comes from New York City’s Taxi and Limousine Commission which showed that in June 2016, the rideshare company had about 1,672 accidents for that month alone compared to about 1,054 accidents for traditional taxi cabs.

There are no such statistics for the state of Florida or for the city of Miami. However, there are plenty of news stories about the misdeeds of and crimes of Uber drivers for the state of Florida. Here is just a sampling of some recent incidences:

  • A St. Petersburg man passed away after being punched by his Uber driver after a dispute regarding the route the driver was taking. Terry Lynn Kimball was 56 years old and never regained consciousness after being struck by the Uber Driver.
  • An Uber driver was found to have ran a red light outside of Orlando, crashing into a police deputy’s cruiser and causing the death of his passenger.
  • Last October an Uber driver was arrested after pushing his passenger to the ground a pulling a knife on him.
  • A West Palm beach was held at gunpoint and sexually battered by her Uber driver in his car before continuing his assault of her at her home. Gary Kitchings, the driver was sentenced to 22 years for his crimes.
  • Nimer Abdallah, a Miami-Dade Uber driver admitted to raping his passenger who had been intoxicated.
  • An Uber driver in Miami was arrested and charged for being an ISIS sympathizer.

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Uber Accident Resources

Uber Statistics – This link is a compilation of various statistics about Uber’s business. Most of the statistics concern revenue and number of passengers. Be warned that the article is presented in a way that paints Uber in a fairly positive light.

Uber Incidents – “Who’s Driving You” states that it is a public awareness campaign highlighting the risks of ridesharing companies. The link is to an extensive compiled list of rideshare driver incidents.

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Find an Uber Accident Attorney in Miami-Dade, Florida

There are so many things that can go wrong when you get in a car with someone you don’t know. A driver rating on a phone app can only tell you so much about that person. If something does go wrong do not expect Uber to help you out or take responsibility for their failings. You need to turn to someone who isn’t afraid to go up against a giant multibillion dollar company and seek justice on your behalf.

Abrams Justice Trial Attorneys are hard-nosed trial attorneys who will fight with everything they have to try to help you recover for your damages. Call our number at (305) 709-0880 to find out what we can do for you. We represent injured people in communities throughout the Miami area including North Miami, Miami Beach, Miami Gardens, Doral, Homestead, Cutler Bay, Hialeah, Coral Gables and Pinecrest.

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