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HazMat Transportation

Large commercial trucks and 18-wheelers are already scary to be on the road with. Being on the road with trucks carrying hazardous materials is even more terrifying. HazMat trucks can be carrying anything from poison to nuclear material. Even if a driver is as careful and as safe as possible, the dangers posed by HazMat trucks can be far outside their control.

If you or a loved one has been injured by hazardous material from a commercial truck you need to seek legal help. It is in your best interest to find an experienced personal injury attorney that can handle the complexities of a hazardous material case.

Lawyer for HazMat Truck Accidents in Florida

Abrams Justice Trial Attorneys are experienced trial attorneys that will fight for what is just for every client. Our attorneys are empathetic towards the victims and their families and will strive to make sure their rights are protected and the best possible outcome for their situation is achieved.

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HazMat Truck Accident Information Center

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Hazardous Material Types

Transporting Hazardous Materials (HazMat) on large tractor trailers adds an additional level of peril for truckers and others on the roads.  Truckers who transport HazMat materials are required to undergo additional training in regards to their shipments and due to the dangerous nature of their cargo, congress enacted the Hazardous Materials Transportation Act, codified as 49 U.S. Code Chapter 51, to address the concerns of transporting materials that pose a significant health risk to the public. Hazardous Materials are categorized by the following types:

  • Explosives
  • Gases
  • Flammable Liquids
  • Flammable Solids
  • Oxidizing Substances
  • Poisonous and Infections Substances
  • Radioactive Materials
  • Corrosives
  • Miscellaneous Dangerous Goods

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Hazardous Material Shipment Considerations

Besides additional training, federal law also requires that HazMat truck drivers, stay within eyesight of their vehicle up to 100 feet, stay 300 feet away from fires, not park on private property including restaurants, inspect the vehicle’s tires every time it is parked, and follow strict routing rules that force HazMat truckers to account for the following when planning their shipment routes to minimize danger to the public as much as possible:

  • Population density
  • Type of highway
  • Types and quantities of non-radioactive hazardous materials
  • Emergency response capabilities
  • Exposure and other risk factors such as proximity to homes, schools, and hospitals
  • Terrain considerations
  • Continuity of routes
  • Alternative routes
  • Effects on commerce
  • Delays in transportation
  • Climatic conditions
  • Congestion and accident history

Despite all the safeguards in place, thousands of accidents involving large HazMat trucks occur every year. The overwhelming majority of fatal HazMat truck accidents involve flammable liquids with almost half of those fatal crashes involving HazMat spills.

Florida HazMat Truck Accident Resources

Hazardous Materials Transportation Act – Chapter 51 of the United States Code is the law for transporting HazMat material in this country. The statute covers everything from what stickers and warnings are required to be displayed on every HazMat truck but also training and handling requirements. The statute also includes civil and criminal penalties for violations of the law.

Hazardous Materials Accident Reports – The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) has a trove of data regarding hazardous material accidents. The NTSB has shared that data with the public and following the link will give you access to many of its reports. Each report is fairly detailed and includes pictures of the damage caused by the hazardous materials.

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Lawyers for HazMat Truck Accidents in Miami-Dade, Florida

If you have been through the terrible ordeal of an accident from a HazMat truck, filing a lawsuit may be far from your mind. Bringing a lawsuit for injury caused by a HazMat truck accident can be a stressful, time-consuming, and frustrating experience, but with Abrams Justice Trial Attorneys on your side, it doesn’t have to be that way. Our attorneys are experienced with HazMat truck accidents and they will fight to achieve the best possible outcome for your situation.

We proudly serve clients in the greater Miami-Dade area that includes Miami, Homestead, Hialeah, Pinecrest, Miami Gardens, Miami Beach, North Miami, Doral, Coral Gables, Kendall, Palmetto Bay, and Cutler Bay. Call us today at (305) 709-0880 or submit your information in our online form and one our attorneys will review your case for free.

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