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Tropical Storm Dorian

The height of Hurricane season is upon us. Tropical storm Dorian was spotted Tuesday morning with its path streaming along the Caribbean. The National Hurricane Center Forecast says Dorian is expected to hit landfall in Florida as early as Sunday morning. Florida residents are no strangers to tropical storms, however, it’s the unpredictability of this storm that really hits home. Hurricane Irma began as a category 4 storm and turned into a category 5 Hurricane just 30 hours later. Floridians are still fighting insurance companies for coverage for their damages, and now our homes are once again endangered as Dorian approaches.

Abrams Justice Trial Attorneys wants you to be ready in case Dorian makes landfall as a Hurricane in Florida. Go over evacuation plans with family members tonight and plan for the worst. Property can be replaced but the safety and well-being of your family and pets come first. If you are unable to evacuate, make sure your Hurricane supplies are replenished, batteries charged, and cars filled with gas as well as additional gas containers. Whether you evacuate or hunker down, it’s important that you take as many pictures of the exterior and interior of your home as possible before and after the storm. Also, secure a copy of your homeowners insurance policy now. If you have any questions concerning hurricane preparedness do not hesitate to contact Abrams Justice for a free consultation. The sad reality is that insurance companies make every effort to deny claims. Get the legal advice you need from the inception of your claim. If your home is damaged, contact Abrams Justice Trial Attorneys at (305) 709-0880.