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Tropical Storms/Hurricanes and Property Loss

Photo Credit: Phyllis B. Dooney for NPR https://www.npr.org/2018/09/13/647358237/hurricane-florence-weakens-a-bit-as-it-closes-in-on-north-carolina-coast

Florida is in the peak of hurricane season. Although it had been a few years since we had experienced a devastating hurricane, we were quickly reminded just how susceptible our community is to these storms when Hurricane Irma struck in September, 2017. Just recently, Tropical Storm Gordon brought flooding and damaging winds to South Florida. Tropical Storm Gordon took many by surprise, and caused damage from which many continue to recover.

As of today, September 13, 2018, there are three hurricanes churning in the Atlantic Ocean: Hurricanes Florence, Isaac, and Helene. All of these storms are intensifying and following separate tracks. Hurricane Florence is expected to make landfall this Friday, impacting various states. As Hurricane Isaac heads towards the Caribbean Sea, its trajectory is still uncertain.

The aftermath of dealing with any natural disaster can be stressful, uncertain, and time consuming. Insurance companies do not make the process easier by imposing duties after the loss that you are contractually bound to follow. At Abrams Justice, we are here to assist you at any stage following a property loss, including representing you during the claims process. Our main focus is to obtain the recovery to which you are entitled, and to restore your home to its pre-loss condition.

At Abrams Justice, we will fight for all of your rights when an insurance company treats you unfairly or refuses to make you whole. More importantly, if we have to file a lawsuit against your insurance carrier and there is a judgment or settlement in your favor, the insurance company, by law, pays our attorney’s fees. That means that our fees are always completely separate from the amount you recover, and we never take any percentage of what is rightfully yours.

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