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Hotel Elevator Accidents

Elevators are an everyday convenience that is often overlooked by many people. The simple ability to get from floor to floor of a large building without traveling up one flight of stairs can help people save time and energy. This is especially true for hotel elevators that are usually designed for people on the go. Whether people are using the hotels for a family vacation or a business trip, the functionality of an elevator is the last thing on their mind.

This can change quickly if a person is suddenly without notice in an elevator accident. Designed for convenience, elevators can turn dangerous or even deadly depending on the type of accident that occurs. Most people don’t think about what could happen if they get in an elevator accident because they believe it is uncommon. The truth is, Florida has one of the highest rates of elevator accidents in the United States. This high rate can be contributed to the thousands of elevators in Florida that are still in operation even though they have exceeded their 30-year lifespan.

Hotel Elevator Accident Lawyer

Abrams Justice is an experienced personal injury law firm with the ability to fight insurance companies and hotels on your behalf to ensure that you are adequately compensated for all your injuries, lost wages, and pain and suffering. Ivan and Isabel Abrams know the law behind elevator accidents and will stop at nothing to get you the compensation you deserve.

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Hotel Elevator Accidents Information Center

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Common types of Hotel Elevator Accidents

Elevator accidents can occur anywhere including malls, office buildings, apartments, hospitals, schools and Hotels. Most accidents are caused by malfunctions due to improper maintenance or negligence on behalf of the property owner or business. Common types of hotel elevator accidents include:

Elevator Malfunctions

An elevator malfunction can occur at any time and any place, especially with older elevators that have already expired, but are still in use. Most elevator malfunctions can be prevented with proper care and maintenance. An elevator malfunction can cause all types of accidents including sudden jerks, free falls, and the psychological impact of getting stuck in an elevator for an extended period of time. The following are reasons an elevator malfunction may occur:

  • Elevator is not checked properly during maintenance
  • Improperly serviced
  • Elevator has passed its life expectancy but is still in use
  • Weight bearing is less than posted limit

Falls into an Elevator Shaft

This can be one of the most frustrating and preventable accidents to happen to a person. Elevators that are regularly maintained should function normally by stopping at every floor. Doors that have not been properly preserved or serviced on a consistent basis can and will likely begin to malfunction. If a person falls into an elevator shaft, they can be severely injured with broken bones, bruises and even die depending on how far they fall. Falls into an elevator shaft can occur if:

  • The elevator is improperly labeled during maintenance
  • An elevator stops improperly
  • The elevator is stuck between floors
  • The elevator doors are Illegally opened
  • A passenger steps through doors with no elevator

Excessive Speeds

Excessive speeds in an elevator can be catastrophic. Not only is excessive speed horrifying, but it can lead to significant injuries and even death depending on the force of the stop. People who are used to going slowly will know the true force of an elevator if it malfunctions and speeds up. The jerk of an elevator when starting or stopping can cause severe neck and back injuries. The following are malfunctions that can cause excessive speeds in an elevator:

  • Malfunctioning counterweights
  • Faulty control systems
  • Elevator changes direction suddenly

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Common Hotel Elevator Accident Injuries

Every day, hundreds of unsuspecting Miami-Dade County residents are in danger of being involved in an elevator accident. These people can be left with serious injuries and a lifetime of pain depending on the circumstances of the accident. An elevator may not seem like a dangerous place unless a person considers the weight of the elevator and the possible speeds it can go if there is a malfunction. The following are common injuries sustained when a person is in a hotel elevator accident.

Broken bones

The most common and possibly the least severe elevator injury are broken bones. This type of injury can happen because of a variety of reasons including excessive speeds, sudden stops, elevator door malfunctions and falls into an elevator shaft. Broken legs are the most common, but a person can also sustain broken arms, fingers and a broken foot. The force of the elevator can make someone’s bones look fragile and cause severe damage to a person’s body. 

Severed limbs

One of the nightmare scenarios in an elevator accident can be a severed limb. A person’s body is no match for the force of an elevator. Not only can it produce broken bones, but it can also cause a person to lose one of their limbs. If a person attempts to enter an elevator and it closes prematurely on a leg or arm the elevator may continue to operate and sever their limb. A person can suffer a lifetime of pain and suffering as well as the possibility of losing their job and future earnings because of the loss of a limb.

Spinal cord

Although not immediately visible, a back injury can cause severe pain to someone in an elevator accident. This type of injury can be caused by excessive speeds and sudden jerks to the elevator car. The trauma from a spinal cord injury can cause sprains, strains, herniated discs, a fractured vertebrae and even leave a person paralyzed for life.

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Miami-Dade County Resources for Hotel Elevator Accidents

Elevator Safety Act- This link provides resources for chapter 399 of the Florida Senate Statutes. This statute covers all the laws on elevator safety. These include general regulations, inspection standards, inspector standards and what process is required to register as an elevator inspector

Safety Code– This link provides information on the Florida Elevator Safety Code that ensures any lawful elevator in operation stays safe to the standards of the law. The website also provides information on permits, fees, certifications, maintenance control programs and continuing education requirements.

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ABRAMS JUSTICE | Miami-Dade County Hotel Elevator Accidents lawyer

Do not hesitate to contact Abrams Justice if you have experienced a hotel elevator accident. The longer you wait, the more difficult it will be to prove liability because insurance companies will have time to build their case.

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