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Failure to Provide Adequate Security

Most people go through their everyday routine not expecting anything to happen to them. Going to the grocery store, shopping in a mall, or even walking through an apartment complex can become routine to most people because they expect to be safe in these areas. Normal routines can turn into a traumatic event if an individual becomes the victim of a crime like assault, robbery, or even rape.

Dealing with a crime can be an unpredictable force that is often the responsibility of the perpetrator. However, in many occasions’ business owners, managers and property managers can be held responsible if they did not take adequate action to appropriately deter crime from happening on their property or warn lawful visitors of possible dangers.

Failure to Provide Adequate Security Lawyer

If you or someone you know have been the victim of a crime due to inadequate security while you were on someone else’s property, contact Abrams Justice to discuss your legal options today. Although it may seem like you have limited options, do not rely on anyone but an experienced attorney to help you navigate the Florida legal system and ensure those involved in your unfortunate situation are held responsible.

You must act quickly and responsibly if you are injured due to a crime. Contact Abrams Justice at (305) 709-0880 or fill out an online form for your free consultation today. Ivan and Isabel Abrams will make your needs as a client a top priority and fight to ensure justice is served. If you live in Miami-Dade County including Miami, Pinecrest, Doral, Homestead, Hialeah, contact Abrams Justice to speak to an experienced and proven lawyer today. 

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Failure to Provide Adequate Security

Property owners are not always responsible for preventing every crime on their property. Property owners are required by law to take reasonable steps in deterring misconduct if they are in a neighborhood susceptible to crime, or a pattern of crime occurs on their land. Reasonable measures to prevent crime can include proper lighting, security guards and cameras. Property owners must provide adequate security or face the repercussions if someone brings suit against them after they become a victim of a crime like a robbery or rape.

Property owners must consider the area and crime activity when determining how much security is necessary to keep everyone safe. What constitutes adequate security can vary depending on the premises. The following are common areas people can become victims of crimes due to inadequate security.

•      Convenience store- Failure to have security cameras, a drop safe, and a sign that says the cash register contains less than $50 can be considered inadequate security.

•      Shopping mall- Failure to provide enough security guards to protect patrons and a lack of proper lighting in the parking lot can cause a higher crime rate.

•      Parking garages- Failure to provide a roving security guard, adequate lighting and cameras can invite criminals to harm lawful visitors.

•      Apartment complexes- Property owners must take steps to protect their residents with proper lighting, cameras, and security guards.

•      Office buildings- A security guard at the front door, and a sign in sheet can help prevent would be criminals from entering the property.

Crime has no prejudice. It can happen to anyone at any moment. This does not mean an individual shouldn’t feel safe when they go out in public. It means that property owners must ensure the safety of those on their land or business by providing adequate security for lawful visitors.

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Proving Negligence

An injured person can file a negligent security suit based on the obligation imposed on property owners to offer reasonable security and protect lawful visitors from foreseeable crimes of third parties. Negligent security happens when the crime could have been stopped or at least made less likely by using suitable security measures.

Proving a property owner had inadequate security can be complicated. The burden is on the plaintiff to prove negligence, and it can be difficult to achieve. One key factor in determining negligence is proving a crime was reasonably expected and the property owner did not take steps to secure or warn lawful visitors. This negligence is proven with evidence that the owner should have known crime was reasonably expected because of past experiences, the type of the business and the location.

Another key factor in showing negligence is proving that the crime would have been prevented if the landowner had taken steps to properly secure their property for the protection of visitors. This can be difficult to prove without legal assistance because the property owner can falsely claim that their added security measures would not have deterred the crime regardless of the situation. Often times, an expert witness will need to be retained to assist in proving liability.

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Miami-Dade County Resources for Failure to Provide Adequate Security

Case Examples – Lexis Nexis – This link gives a sampling of failure to provide adequate security cases in Florida. In each of the referenced cases, plaintiffs were awarded millions of dollars for grave injuries sustained from criminals on the premises of landlords who should have been aware of the dangers of their areas. Follow the link to read more.

Florida Attorney general– This link provides information for anyone who has been a victim of a crime in the state of Florida from attorney general Pam Bondi’s office. These resources include links to a victim services directory, victim compensation brochure and a crime victim’s bill of rights. 

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